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Salmon Dill Crepe & Zucchini Cookies

Smoked Salmon  I  Dill Crepe  I  Sour Cream  I  Zucchini Cookies  I  Aioli Dip, 55


Cloud 9

Free Range Eggs  I  Tomatoes  I  Greens  I  Parmesan & Mexican Cheese, 46


Anatolia Eggs

Free Range Poached Eggs  I  Yogurt  I  Chili Sauce  I  Toasted Farmers Bread, 45


Toasted Coconut Dutch Baby

Coconuts  I  Banana  I  Pineapple  I  Pecans  I  Maple Syrup  I  Vanilla Ice Cream, 45


Chocolate Air

Chocolate Soufflé  I  Hot Chocolate Sauce  I  Popcorn Ice Cream, 55


Baked Banana & Blueberry French Toast

Banana  I  Blueberry  I  Pecan Crumble  I  Blueberry Sauce  I  Vanilla Ice Cream, 43


Tiramisu Affogato, 25



RoseBerry Piñata Eton Mess, 46

Fiji Piñata Eton Mess, 46

TiraMocha Piñata Eton Mess, 46


Strawberry Basil Lemonade, 22





Iced Latte, 20 I Caramel Macchiato, 23

Cappuccino, 22 I Latte, 20 I Americano, 16

Ristretto, 15 I Single Espresso, 12 I Double Espresso, 15 I Lotus, 25

Extra Espresso Shot, 5 I Extra Flavor, 3



TEA, 19

Darjeeling Summer Gold


Jasmin Xian Yu

Absolutely top-class; a tea of flowery elegance with a delicious muscatel aroma  from the Mahandai Valley, reaching altitudes of up to 2,200m (Black Tea)


Freshly picked jasmine blossoms lend this tea its famous sweet & flowery character (Green Tea)


Rose Tea with Petals


Moroccan Style Green Tea

A blend of the finest China Teas, creatively blended with red rose petals and a gentle rose aroma (Black Tea)


A delicate tangy gunpowder Green Tea with its typical small rolled leaves in pellet size come together with the freshness & intensity of the Moroccan Nana mint (Green Tea)


Assam Bari


Silver Needle

From one of the most famous tea gardens; a classic of the broken teas.
Many golden tips with a creamy, spicy, lively aroma (Black Tea)


This first-class tea from the Fujian Province is made from tender new buds that are covered in silver white streaks. They are expertly harvested on only two days each year, and are processed entirely by hand (White Tea)


Fancy Oolong


Ginger & Lemon

Only a few kilograms of this rare specialty are harvested each year.  Its elegance, refinement & nutty fruit character is spellbinding (Oolong Tea)


A herbal infusion full of character, with the fruity spiciness of ginger, supported by the freshness of lemongrass and aromatic mint (Herbal Infusion)


Milky Oolong


Rooibos Caramel

The natural, creamy taste develops during the extraordinary creation process.
The tea leaves are steamed with a milk-water mix and then expertly rolled into perfect pellets (Oolong Tea)


The traditional South African beverage harvested from the red bush and perfumed with the mild flavor of caramel (Herbal Infusion)


Passion Fruit & Orange


Apricot - Peach on Oolong

Fruity sweet pineapple, passion fruit & orange; a delightful combination of a fruit infusion (Fruit Infusion)


Delicate & mild combined with a fragrant aroma and blossoms; the gentle elegance of an Oolong tea (Oolong Tea)



Taro Spiced Chai Latte, 24


Candy Tea, 22

Spiced Chai Latte served with a Cheese Taro Bun


Green Tea served topped with Candy Ball



TCB Frappé, 26

Java Chip Frappé

Cookies & Cream Frappé

Vanilla Lattee Frappé

Strawberry & Cream  Frappé

Coffee Frappé

Espresso Coconut Frappé 

Pralines & Cream Frappé 



Fresh Juice, 18

Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Mint Lemonade


Still Water, (S-15, L-20)

Sparkling Water, (S-15, L-20)



Sushi Cake Rolls, 40

Fondant Tart with Ice Cream, 22

Show off Cake Slice, 35

Fruit Loaf Slice, 18


We are constantly updating our Café Menu, introducing new items, flavours, ingredients and combinations to delight the senses and treat the palate.