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Our fondants are enticing edible gems that hold the undeniable sweet promise of supreme indulgence with every bite. More than just pretty cakes all in a row, savor the harmonious interplay of lush textures and the molten center for a taste that’s beyond extraordinary.


Minimum order

  • Loaf: 1
  • Dimensions 10cm X 22cm
  • Serve: 6-8 prs
  • AED 110, Box of 6
  • AED 22, Dine-In Plate of 1

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve and microwave for 20 seconds to enjoy at ideal temperature. Consume within 2 days. All of our cakes contain dairy, eggs, soy and gluten and may contain nuts. For larger orders, please contact us. This item can be delivered or picked up in store. We are constantly updating our cake menus, introducing new flavours, ingredients and fruit combinations to delight the senses and treat the palate.