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  • Cooling off this Ramadan at The Cake Bar

    June 06, 2016

    Cooling off this Ramadan at The Cake Bar

    Due to popular requests, we are thrilled to  announce that the “Coolest Ramadan Deserts” in Dubai is back on menu this Ramadan. Our “cool” deserts are ice cream-based specially created for Ramadan using local & international popular flavors.

    The Ranjina, a traditional gulf favorite that combines dates, butter, fried flour and nuts, is presented in an ice cream sandwich filled with our home made dates ice cream, sprinkled with pistachios and served with a mini pot of dates syrup. We are calling it the Ranjina Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Our second dessert, the Kunafa Bombe, is a dessert that celebrates the ever so popular dessert in the Arab world, Kunafa. We have made a frozen ball layered with cake, pistachios, white chocolate and berries and topped if off with a crunchy Kunafa cone.

    Thirdly, comes the Falooda Granita. We have taken the classic Falooda drink of Asia and converted it to a shaven ice Granita. Our dessert is layered with sago, vermicelli, basil seeds topped with a rose petal and sprinkle of pistachios.